What Motivated Me


My daughter, was having a really tough time at school and I realized that very little was being done to assist my child to prevent her from “Slipping through  the cracks”. I noticed that she would walk on her toes, however her paediatrician advised me that I should not be concerned, she would grow out of it. It took plenty of research to find out that this is related to reflexes and if not addressed, would leave the child at a high disadvantage as far as learning goes.

Some people will over-ride the system and still be able to cope, whilst others will be left to slip through the cracks of the education system. It was with this profound information, that I made a decision to give up my successful career in the corporate sector and return to my first calling, being teaching. Since commencing in 2009, I can honestly say, I have seen magnificent changes  in myself and my students. We will shortly be adding a page to this web site, where parents and students will place their success stories for you to read.


It is extremely difficult for teachers to provide special attention to students who have the potential, but who are finding it difficult to cope in a class of 30 or more. These children are unfortunately left to “slip through the cracks” in school and ultimately labelled as children with learning difficulties.

This ultimately ends in frustrated, desperate high school students who see very little chance of successfully completing their school careers.
My passion for teaching, mentoring and assisting children, helping them to believe in themselves again brought me back to where I am today.

At Back 2 Basics Education Support Centre, classes are kept to a maximum of 10 in order to provide the special touch of individual attention. Children are continually encouraged and motivated to accomplish the tasks at hand. Our children love being here and they get to taste achievement and thrive on their success. Very often our children have not grasped certain vital building blocks in order to do the work required of them.

At Back 2 Basics Education Support Centre, we test this and go back to discover which building blocks were missed out and build them back up to strengthen the student’s learning foundation. Without a solid foundation, it is hopelessly impossible to build a strong wall. Unless the basics of what is being taught has been grasped, nothing in the future will make any sense.

I have always had the philosophy that learning and play go hand-in-hand, Brain Gym® offers so many alternatives other than medication to rectify the “problem areas”. Having used Brain Gym® with all my students, has brought about many breakthroughs and success stories. I am proud to say that the students currently here at Back 2 Basics Education Support Centre are  educated WITHOUT the need of medication. I look forward to meeting you, to discuss how my team and I can assist you and your child. We guarantee to bring fun, enjoyment and understanding back into their field of learning.