Success Stories

Below you will find success stories of clients who have achieved positive results from using  Kinesthetics.

Names and surnames have been omitted for the protection of “child identity”.  At Back2 Basics Education, we look at each student as an individual and no child is measured against “the average” child.

Thank you to all parents who have forwarded recommendations for publishing on our website.  I also thank many of you, who have forwarded messages, which you preferred to remain confidential.  Your positive feedback is what makes us grow.

Before and After a Balance – the profound results obtained when the mind body system is integrated.
















We are very proud of the success our students have shown during the first term of this year.   Measuring progress against the reports of 2015, our students in general showed an improvement of between 12 and 20%.   At Back 2 Basics we ensure that learning is drawn out and not stamped in.  Well done guys and girls….keep up the smart work!

Teaching Children


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I hereby give the following recommendation for Back 2 Basic Education:-

Ever since our child joined Back2Basics Education Centre ,  learning abilities have  improved by far.  Confidence has improved as well as grasping concepts in a learning environment.  Handwriting  which was untidy has improved into a masterpiece.  Added to this has been the improvement of spelling and being able to communicate well in English and Afrikaans.
Our gratitude’s to Back2Basics for building our child’s  self-esteem.  Our child was able to change from being an ordinary to an exceptional learner who is always looking forward to going to school in the mornings and taking initiatives in doing homework, without any reminders.

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Student “A” joined us in January 2014. He had not achieved a pass mark for Afrikaans and his handwriting was all over the page. By doing Brain Gym exercises, he managed to achieve a 64% pass mark for Afrikaans and his handwriting improved within the first 10 weeks of the year. By the end of 2014 his writing had improved so positively that his External Moderator awarded him 100% for professional layout of work and neatness of cursive writing.

Student: “B”  joined us in 2010 and was on Ritalin as he had been “labelled” diagnosed with ADD. He joined us shortly after the school holidays and I suggested to the parents not to administer any medication, as he had coped throughout the holidays without the medication. We are proud to say that he passed the final exams for Grade 7 and this has been achieved without the use of any medication. He is able to concentrate and do well in all his subjects. Brain Gym in the classroom has changed the life of this youngster, who tells me he would never ever like to take the medication again, as it caused terrible anxiety for him. A healthy diet, exercise, sunshine and a balanced body will ensure that every student can excel at whatever they put their minds to.

Student:  “X”  joined us in 2010. He had low self-esteem and believed that he could not live up to the expectations of his parents. A chat about his future and what he wanted to achieve in life became the turning point in this youngster’s life. Following the Brain Gym balances and doing the exercises required assisted him to achieve his goal which resulted in his transformation from an “under-achiever” to “Top Achiever”! In 2011 he was awarded the Floating Trophy of Top Achiever at Back 2 Basics Education. Although this young man is no longer with us, he continues to receive awards year on year at his new school.   Proud of you…..believe and you will achieve!

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Thank you to parents who are willing to share their lives to encourage others.